Max~’s Logo

Max designs interfaces for use in facilitation performer instrument interaction within Cycling 74’s MAX software. Under the name Max~, he has developed sophisticated patches that encompass everything from a virtual organ to remote control audio triggering software for use in musical theatre.


Axoloti Logo

Recently, Max has begun to expand his array of control interfaces beyond the software world. To that end, he has begun developing interfaces using the Axoloti Core platform, a micro controller designed by Johannes Taelman. The goal of the Axoloti experiments is to bridge the gap between the smooth workflow of patcher environments with the sheer versatility of electronic circuitry.

NOVA 2 Logo

Nova is software developed by a team lead by Oberlin College Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Rich Salter. Max has utilized the NOVA software in research to aid the Cleveland Clinic Adolescent Chronic Pain Rehabilitation program.