Sample SPSS Syntax 


The syntax presented above allowed for the construction of most of the major steps of the assignment, from building key graphs (see below) all the way to the final report to the board.

Sample exploratory analyses with commentary and tables

In order to present the final report on wellness at Oberlin, an exploratory analysis of the impact of wellness related problems had to be conducted. After creating the risk typologies for each wellness issue (see syntax above), these cross-tabulations were run in order to determine whether or not links existed between being at high risk for minor illness and sleep problems and wellness related academic impairment, life stress, and the number of negative life events experienced. The results of the tables are summarized in the clustered bar graphs, and the data gleaned from these analyses informed the final report to the board.


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The slideshow features the evolution of the “story” of wellness at Oberlin College. Featured are notes from my lab journal displaying the various stages from before the project began through the exploration of the data to the presentation.

Samples of portions of the draft and final report


Copy of Executive Summary of Wellness

These are all sections of the executive summary (a draft of the final report) and the report itself. All graphs were generated using SPSS and Excel. To take a closer look, click on any of the images.

Discussion of Key Graphs

Key Graph Presentation